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Julia Zyrina, OD -  - Optometrist

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Julia Zyrina, OD

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To get the most accurate vision assessment, you need a top-notch eye doctor and top-of-the-line diagnostic equipment. When you have your eye exam with Julia Zyrina, OD, at Pine Vision Care in Philadelphia, you get both. Use the online appointment maker 24/7 or call the Pine Vision Care office to schedule today.

Eye Exam Q & A

When should I have eye exams?

Eye exam frequency depends on your age and your health. Children should have an exam between 6-12 months, at around age 3, and then when they start school. After that, children should have annual exams, or more frequent exams if they're at-risk for eye problems.

For adults with stable vision and no significant eye problems, Dr. Zyrina may recommend exams every as follows.

  • Once every 5-10 years until the age of 40
  • Once every 2-4 years from 40-54
  • Once every 1-3 years from age 55-64
  • Every 1-2 years after 65

For adults who have vision issues or are at-risk for vision problems, yearly or more-frequent exams may be necessary. Dr. Zyrina is happy to create an eye exam schedule for your unique needs.

What does an eye exam include?

Dr. Zyrina starts by reviewing your ocular and medical history with you. She then performs various tests using top-of-the-line diagnostic equipment. This includes photographs with a digital retinal camera that captures an image of the back of your eye and detailed images of the anterior segments (front one-third) of your eye.

Dr. Zyrina uses corneal topography to get a detailed view of your cornea. This computerized tool generates a 3D map of your corneal surface so Dr. Zyrina can identify any current or emerging issues.

Your exam also typically includes:

  • Eye-muscle motion test
  • Individual eye tests while you cover the other eye
  • Light reaction test

There are two main goals in eye exams: checking your eye health and determining your prescription if you need one.

How does a prescription test work?

Dr. Zyrina does a visual acuity test, in which you'll read out the letters on an eye chart until they're too fuzzy to see. Your vision limits during the visual acuity test tell Dr. Zyrina where to start with testing prescriptions.

You'll choose the best options from a series of different lenses, doing each eye individually since you may have different vision correction needs in your left and right eye. After a visual acuity test, you'll have an eyeglass or contact lens prescription so you can choose your new eyeglass frames or contact lenses.

To schedule your comprehensive eye exam at Pine Vision Care, use the online booking tool or call the office now.